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About Graham Eldridge

Born in 1972 in Sydney, Australia
Resides and works in Sydney, Australia

Graham explores the relationship between shape and colour.

His inspiration and subject matter are often architectural.

He sketches, drafts, creates the underpainting and then works and reworks until the right balance is struck. As is common in Graham's art style, contradiction is central and interlocked with the theme. You may immediately notice the "simple" blocks of colour-field shapes and the fairly straightforward design.

At a second glance, you will notice that the neat lines are not exactly neat, the simple block shapes actually have a strong bond and relationship with every other shape and colour within the composition. Sections of underpainting begin to appear, and before you know it, this simple artwork has shown itself to be anything but.

The architecture which really inspires him is older, more well-worn buildings, such as garages, workshops, factories etc. Buildings with a rich history, and especially those which retain remnants of past lives. The inner west of Sydney is a rich source of inspiration from Graham's work. The observable iteration and evolution of those older buildings, which is then translated and re-iterated onto the canvas, leads to the unique, intriguing and calming artworks that Graham produces.

Graham works predominantly on large-format canvases, and he works with acrylic paints. Graham’s style has continued to evolve as he has found homes for his painting in the UK, Germany, Canada, Malta, and all over Australia. Artists who have inspired Graham's artistic journey include Rothko, Mondrian, and Diebenkorn.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019        Reform, Disorder Gallery, Darlinghurst, Australia
2021        Journeys, Bay Window Gallery, Oyster Bay, Australia
2022        Iterate, LEDA Gallery, Newcastle, Australia
2023        Formation, Wester Gallery, Newcastle, Australia

Selected group exhibitions:

2020        Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art, Sydney, Australia

2021        Wellington Gallery, Sydney, Australia

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