About Graham Eldridge

I am a self-taught Sydney based artist with over 10 years of experience.  I paint almost exclusively in an abstract expressionist colour-field style, using acrylics on canvas for most of my works.

My paintings are typically colourful and symmetrical, and I aim to produce authentic works of art which are largely minimalist, but which create a maximum impact.

My paintings are subtle, yet bold. Simple, yet complex.

On the whole, my paintings exhibit a gentle subtlety and stillness and have a calming effect.

I take inspiration from observations of architectural design, abstract, cubist, minimalist, and colour-field art styles. I love to paint and paints what I love.
Each of my paintings are unique and hand-painted my studio in Sydney Australia.

Recent exhibitions:

Disorder Gallery – February 2019 (solo exhibition)

Other Art Fair (Sydney) – February 2020

Bay Window Gallery – May 2021 (solo exhibition)

Wellington Gallery – October 2021

LEDA Gallery – March 2022 (solo exhibition)