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The work really begins when the painting is finished

Today I finished another painting. Well.. kind of. I finished painting , stood back and was happy with the end result. Phew, ok, so now...

  • Apply gloss varnish

  • wait for drying

  • apply matte varnish

  • wait for drying

  • photograph the artwork (a future post in this process alone)

  • connect the camera to the laptop and upload images

  • edit, crop, straighten

  • find a suitable in situ blank wall type image to mount my new painting onto

  • log onto various platforms, upload images of new painting, write a blurb

  • price the painting (yep, another blog post in this one coming up)

  • add the d-rings and hanging twine

  • post images to Instagram, Facebook, etc....

You get the drift. It's a mammoth task to get the finished work out there into the big wide world. I can't imagine how hard this promotional work must have been 20, or even 10 years ago.

As much effort as it takes, I do do it because I love it.

I hope you enjoy seeing new artworks and new styles coming out of my studio too



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